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Introduce yourself if you're new.

Conference call time

Is there anything to be done about the Sunday time, since a number of people can't make this call? Post your suggestions here: conference call times

What does it mean to be a chapter?

  1. Possibility of "affiliate" groups? E.g., BUCS
  2. IP-SJ, should they be a chapter?

Future Campaign to unban P2P in colleges?

  1. See my opinon piece in my college newspaper, on BitTorrent as Free Speech [1] -Benjamin from Umiami
    • Campaign to get P2P unbanned on college networks that ban it
    • Provide materials, ideas, general help , act as central clearing house, for students who want to get P2P unbanned on campus
    • ./ Discussion: [2]


Attendance: Asheesh, Andy, Nick, Eric, Luke from Rochester, Benjamin, Nelson, Fred, Rebekah, David from Swathmore