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Meetings are awesome, more people should come to them.


Fred's secret suggestion

This is where the idea of keeping a public set of minutes breaks down. We can talk about what we think of Fred's secret suggestion, but we can't say what it is in the public set of minutes, otherwise it's no longer a secret. Perhaps the e-mail to the core team can. How do we handle important secrets in an organization dedicated to openness?


Attendance: Nelson, Njeri, Rebekah, Amanda, Nick, Andy, Mike

Issues that were raised

  • How does deal with file sharing of copyrighted materials?
    • Do we support file sharing? Do we think the RIAA's lawsuits are wrong, and if so, how should we oppose them?
      • After-the-call Comment: What was the resolution here? Maybe start a Illegal Filesharing page to put our position on? I will fill it with my ideas, but someone who attended the call should put on the consensus.--LukeStodola 22:05, 17 Apr 2005 (EDT)
  • How do we present ourselves on the issue? How do we oppose the public image of "piracy" with file sharing, or do we get involved at all?
  • How independent are the local chapters?
    • Without national org has a consensus, can the local groups do nothing, or anything they want.
    • With consensus on the issue, how closely do they have to follow that consensus, or can they oppose it in some situations?