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FC.o conference call for 15 May 2005.


Welcome new people

Cameron Parkins from USC is planning to join us.

Fixing up website

Josh Smith, formerly of Pepperdine and hoping to transfer to American, is going to be working on graphic design for us, check out his website at for examples

British group, internationalization?

Looks like we may have a chapter starting up at Goldsmiths College, University of London. We need to figure out how to bring them on board.

Generally bringing in new people/groups

I need help responding to all of the e-mails that we're getting from people who want to start new groups. Seriously. I know y'all are in finals, or doing post-finals partying, but I can't respond to all of this e-mail alone. -- Nelson 14:17, 15 May 2005 (EDT)


discussion/emails with Gigi (PK) and Diane (CC) -- Abhay



Minutes for Conference Call on 5/15/05, taken by Cameron Parkins

In attendence: Gavin Baker from UFlorida, Nelson Pavlosky from Swarthmore, Luke Stodola from RIT, Andy Johnson from U Pittsburgh at Greensburg, Abhay Kumar from NYU, Cameron Parkins from USC, Eldo Varghese from UFlorida

  • Creative Commons License
    • How do people make money off freely licensed stuff?
    • Convince SC to license some books through Creative Commons stuff
  • UK
    • Do we nee a UK specific discussion group?
    • We should spread to the international
    • Make the notion of "Internationalization" rea;
    • Should there be Free Culture UK?
    • There is national specific law – what is the interest for people in other countries in U.S. law?
      • U.S. sets standard
      • Even so, other people wont be as interested as they are in their own laws
    • We should keep as a big group, but over time, separate into regional sub-sections via country/area
    • We will need to wait for a little until some groups become more established in the UK
    • We should set up a Free Culture UK mailing list
  • Summer Goals
    • Fixing up the website
    • Josh Smith – graphic design for the site
    • We need a webmaster
    • Upgrade blogging software
    • Civic Space
      • Back and forth, we need to go with Civic Space once it gets out of beta stage
    • Waiting on Josh Smith’s designs to decide where to proceed from here
    • Should Josh make a template for civic space?
      • We should not going to switch to civic space until we have a webmaster
      • Why don’t we commit to civic space?
      • We need to redesign current website
      • ""Debate: Redesign current website or switch to civic space?""
    • Media wiki has its benefits
    • Lets set up a mock civic space
    • We are going to try out Civic Space
  • Graphic Design
    • More buttons and banners for people to link to
    • More logos that we could put on merchandise
    • Merchandise design
    • Josh Smith seems like he should do print design, not web design
    • Maybe ask him to do t-shirt
    • His stuff online might be his former work
    • We can’t really know, we will wait and see what he gives
      • We can't turn down anyone who is offering to help
  • E-mail
    • Someone needs to help out with the Free Culture account
    • Either create new accounts or someone else needs to help out with e-mail
    • Make a mailbox for new groups?
    • We can do responses to most critical e-mails
    • E-mail for people who want to work with Free Culture, but not start a group
    • Start a mailbox for people who want to start new groups (a place where those peopel can e-mail directly)
  • Office Filing
    • We have to use a street address for filing purposes
    • We need some sort of “real officeâ€? for filing purposes
    • Could Public Knowledge give us an address? Could Creative Commons?
    • Creative Commons?
      • Something is holding them up
      • Is the issue is not being incorporated?
  • American University Trip
    • Ton of people are going to be there talking to
    • Strategy sessions
    • The “starsâ€? are going to be the bigger groups
      • Public Knowledge, Creative Commons, etc.
    • Lots of liberal groups
      • Try to push the notion of non-partisanship
    • Bring pamphlets
      • Upgrade pamphlets this summer
  • Banks
    • Posting on the wiki


Sorry guys, but I'm most likely going to (once again) miss the call today. I'll do my best to make it to next Sunday's call, and I'll try to check in on the Wiki/listserv to keep up with what's going on. --Nick