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FC.o conference call for 22 May 2005.


Can we just incorporate already?

  • We're gonna do it unless you say otherwise
    • Reasons not to: Possibility of Florida having crappy annual filing practices; possibility of being better to incorporate in another state
      • Annual filing doesn't look bad
        • If we're 501(c)3, we'll have to do a ton of paperwork
      • If we should have incoporated somewhere else, the worst that happens is that we're out $80 (donated)
        • We won't likely have an actual office somewhere for a long time, so we'd be waiting a while

UK groups

We should set up a meeting with the UK and US people and discuss how we can work together across the Atlantic.

Free Culture Phase 2 report

Gavin and Nelson will report in about the weekend's events.

Details of incorporation

  • Who should be on the board of directors?
    • What sort of people?
      • Academics, alumni? What ratios/percentages? Should we have a student majority? A majority of people who have been involved with FC.o as students at some point in time?
    • Who specifically should be on the board at the moment?
    • How big should the board ultimately be?
  • Do we want an advisory board?
  • Officers: what are the roles/titles? What do we need? Who are they?

The Future(tm)

  • What should FC.o be focusing on?
  • What should the structure be, what should the organization look like?
  • Funding: what do we need it for? Where do we get it?
    • Office / staff: Should we have a paid staff member? What sort of person should the staff member be? Where should our office be?