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Gavin, Nelson, Andy Scudder, Andy from Emerson, Rebekah Baglini, Becky, Karen from Scripps, Inga at NYU, Lori from MIT
Gavin, Nelson, Andy Scudder, Andy from Emerson, Rebekah Baglini, Becky, Karen from Scripps, Inga at NYU, Lori from MIT, Stephen

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Here be the record of another conference call.

14 August 2005, 3 p.m. EST



Please give us your:

  • Name, school, class year
  • One question that you'd like to ask about FreeCulture.org or starting/running a local chapter

Quick responses to each question, then moving on.

Week in review


  • What sort of events might our local chapters want to do next year? Brainstorm.
    • Jimbo Wales campus tour
    • Screenings of Thought Thieves contest winning films
    • Mixtrade (see proposal)
    • Speakers, discussion panels, debates, film screenings, lectures, concerts, reading circles, LAN parties, open source beer brewing parties, brown-bag lunches, listening parties, leafletting, public demonstrations, agit-prop street theater, revolutionary knitting circles...
    • Organize volunteers to work on free software, Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg / Distributed Proofreaders, etc.
    • Create content (and release it under a Creative Commons license) : produce a podcast or show on your campus radio station or low-power FM, film or photograph campus events and share the files online
    • Activism: meet with your Congressman; organize call-ins or letter-writing campaigns; circulate petitions; pressure your university or local community for change; etc.
    • see also Local projects
  • Do any of these events require national coordination?



Gavin, Nelson, Andy Scudder, Andy from Emerson, Rebekah Baglini, Becky, Karen from Scripps, Inga at NYU, Lori from MIT, Stephen


  • Inga is a sophomore at NYU
    • Question: What evens are other chapters planning?
  • Andy is a senior at Emerson (his favorite color is lime green)
    • Question: Are there specific guidelines and expectations for groups?
      • Every group should be in contact with freeculture.org: make conference calls regularly, respond to e-mails and mailing lists, and get people involved with freeculture.org
      • Each member should be added to your group's mailing list and the freeculture.org announce list.
      • We recommend that each group has a blog on campus webspace or otherwise (we can provide blogs if needed), a mailing list, and a wiki for meeting notes, etc.
      • We like to have information and documentation from your events! Publish them to the web and let other chapters know what you're doing.
  • Karen is a sophomore at Scripps College
    • Question: How much money can groups expect for budgeting activities?
      • It depends on your school...
      • At NYU, you only get a token amount of money for your first year, but then can have access to more funds later
      • At U of Florida, you can get funding for events, but have to be around for a year before you can have a budget
      • Be prepared to pay out of pocket for advertising and printing fliers
      • Look for co-sponsors! They can help you organize, get funding for, and run events, get speakers, etc.
  • Lauren is a sophomore at MIT
    • Question: How do you find other people who are interested?
      • We discussed this last week and Rebekah has been working on some guidelines for this topic.
  • Andre from Free Culture UK
    • Question: How can we organize campaigns together that involve an international audience (e.g. both the US and the UK)
      • There is some common ground between the US and UK, e.g. calling for expanding copyright terms, the issue of software patents, etc.
  • Stephen Compall is a Senior at the University of Evansville

Week in review

  • Comments on Comment on 37 CFR Part 202?
    • No comments on the call, so make any more comments on the wiki, otherwise it will go out essentially as-is.