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Another conference call? For me? You shouldn't have!

21 August 2005, 7 p.m. EST


Introductions and Questions

If this is your first conference call and you're starting a chapter of Free Culture on your campus, please give us your:

  • Name, school, class year
  • One question that you'd like to ask about or starting/running a local chapter

Quick responses to each question, then moving on.

Our About Page

Comments, questions, criticisms?


Attendance: Nelson, Asheesh, Andy Scudder, Julian, Karen, and Eldo

To-do List Manager is a free to-do list web application that has some nice features, but it's not free software.

  • Is it appropriate for us?
    • There's no backup plan if the host goes down
      • With an open-source approach we could run it on our own servers
    • If they lose our data, there's no way for us to back it up on our own or transfer the data to another service
      • Could be solved with an open format