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Another conference call? For me? You shouldn't have!

21 August 2005, 7 p.m. EST


Introductions and Questions

If this is your first conference call and you're starting a chapter of Free Culture on your campus, please give us your:

  • Name, school, class year
  • One question that you'd like to ask about or starting/running a local chapter

Quick responses to each question, then moving on.

Our About Page

Comments, questions, criticisms?


Attendance: Nelson, Asheesh, Andy Scudder, Julian, Karen, and Eldo

To-do List Manager is a free to-do list web application that has some nice features, but it's not free software.

  • Is it appropriate for us?
    • There's no backup plan if the host goes down
      • With an open-source approach we could run it on our own servers
    • If they lose our data, there's no way for us to back it up on our own or transfer the data to another service
      • Could be solved with an open format

About Page

On the wiki, it's a draft for what will be published to the about page on the front page

  • Collaborations with groups (e.g. the EFF, PK, etc.)
    • What about IP-SJ?
      • "Intellectual Property for Social Justice"
      • Don't approve when corporations take cultural images/artifacts and use them for commercialization, however this may oppose the idea of free culture when they lock up culture to keep corporate hands off of it
      • We have never done anything to collaborate with them
  • Changes:
    • "Free Culture groups exist at nine colleges" links to chapters page
    • We'll refer to groups as " Chapters"


New members: introduce yourself and tell the blog who you are, what your school's doing, etc.

  • A post a day on the blog would be wonderful
    • If each person on the core team can blog at least once a month, we would be well on our way towards our goal.
  • I have an issue that I think Free Culture should be concerned about. Can I post it on your blog?
    • Make sure to differentiate from your own opinions and's opinions
    • If others disagree, then they can comment, and in the worst case, pull the article. Hopefully others will be able to understand that the blog is not just for sanctioned Free Culture talking points.