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'''Some links''' --[[User:Lglira]]
'''Some links''' --[[User:Lglira]]
* Indigenous Knowledge [http://www.scidev.net/dossiers/index.cfm?fuseaction=dossierItem&Dossier=7]
* Indigenous Knowledge [http://www.scidev.net/dossiers/index.cfm?fuseaction=dossierItem
* IP [http://www.scidev.net/dossiers/index.cfm?fuseaction=dossierItem&Dossier=8]
* Communications Rights in the Information Society [http://www.crisinfo.org/]
===What are the calls for?===
* Not for talking about what clubs are doing (it takes too long)
* It's for volunteering, but not enough people seem to have time
* Why not? Because everyone is duplicating effort on the local level
===How do we give people more free time to work on nat'l stuff?===
* Let's help people stop duplicating effort, give them the info and help they need
* We're at the Altavista stage, we need to get to the Google stage
** All the info is there, it's just not well-organized
* [[Start a chapter]] - To-do list for starting a chapter
** If we can fill in each step in the to-do list for people, then maybe they'll have more time for nat'l projects

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This is one of many meetings. If you are looking for next week's conference call, go to 2005-10-30.


Lira says:

  • I suggest new topics for next meetings? How to work with groups outside USA? What if they are in the thirld world? How the Patent and Copyright Law (USA) affect to the thirl world countries? International Campaings and National Campaings? International subjects?


Attendance: Karen, Gavin, Nelson, Cameron, Matt from Emory, Nick

International Projects

  • Seems like we need an organizer outside the US to head it up
  • Any int'l projects we can do?
    • Sure you guys in USA can help us a lot, a example some USA companies hold patents over traditional plants and their active principles!. They have the propiety over our traditional knowledge!. ** Every change in the US Patent and Copyright Laws affect the rest of the world. The USPTO hold more of the 70% of the patents in the world !!! --User:Lglira
    • The cereal campaing, have an international effect, the business methods aren't patentable, this patents no only affect local business, affect to all business in the world. If my country (Peru) sign a Free Trade Agreement then nobody in USA can buy our cereals. --User:Lglira
    • The USA is the principal market for the thirld world countries. Every change in the USA have an impact in the economy of the rest. --User:Lglira
  • Creative Commons?
    • CC is making a great work in the thirld world, what will be the effect of cc's licences? --User:Lglira
  • Something about WIPO?
    • Informing people about it, or attempting to reform it?
      • right you need know and be informated about the impact of USA in the rest of world. --User:Lglira
    • Talk to our contacts at the EFF, Center for the Public Domain, etc.
    • Karen will look into WIPO
  • What is needed to improve communications is someone whose job is International business
    • Elizabeth says she is still doing this

Some links --User:Lglira