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2005-11-20: Core Team conference call at 6 pm EST.


  • Shipping - update on shipping stuff to chapters
  • Regional summits - update
  • RIAA-free top 10 lists - idea
  • Volunteer opportunities
    • Board of directors - applications due Nov. 23. Questions?
  • Cereal Solidarity - update
  • Jimbo Wales tour - update
  • December / January meeting scheduling - decision
  • Questions, comments, concerns - open the floor


Attendance: Gavin, Nelson, Elizabeth, Amanda, and Karen -- first FC.o female majority anything ever! Yay!

RIAA-free CD gift-giving guide

  • make a webpage: different folks' top 10 lists
  • make .pdfs to give to retailers
  • Check that they're also non-DRM
  • RIAA-free labels v. RIAA-free distribution?
    • Easier to just look at labels, and that's where policies're made
    • Different releases of the same CD can be from different labels...
    • Meant to be useful, not super-dogmatic
  • Criteria--just personal taste
  • Link to a place to buy the CDs? Amazon? Half? CDBaby? Audio Lunchbox? Band website?
    • Online music stores (iTunes et al) usually have DRM
    • Don't want to show favoritism...
    • Are we raising awareness or encouraging purchase?
    • Let's just get this thing started... As long as we're not explicitly endorsing a vendor, we're not evil.
  • Deadline--how about posting it Thursday? So send them to Gavin by Wednesday, we can update the page later.

Shipping status

  • Downhill Battle says they can probably do it... waiting them to get back to Nelson
  • Chapter shipping--no progress
    • Need spreadsheet.

Regional summits

  • Nothing's happened in CA
  • Not much in NY--set to start advertising, no speaker yet, make wiki page for agenda
    • Announce it on the blog
      • How many people read our blog?
        • No idea. Until we have a webmaster. We should figure that out...
    • Who's coming?
      • Who in Free Culture *lives* in the NY area (as opposed to going to school there)?
    • Send out an email as well

Volunteering opportunities

  • They're there, they're listed in the agenda, they were sent out in an email...

Dec/Jan calls

  • No decision made yet for Jan. 15--we'll send an email out the first week of January to see if people can come or not

Cereal Solidarity

  • Still need to send out a letter for that...
  • They have another three months before we find out about their patent
  • Cereality-patent office conversation: mentioned Cereal Solidarity to them!
    • Also in UK Telegraph--misquoted us, though...
    • Well, *someone's* reading our blog, eh? :)
  • Need final count on petition signatures--have folks send Gavin their hard copies