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Yay Core team Meetings!


Basically we're going to repeat the agenda from 2005-12-04 since none of it was really resolved last time due to low attendance. Hopefully this will be better attended since people are generally done with finals.


Attendance: Gavin, Nelson, Andy Scudder, Erek, Karen Rustad, Sahal Ansari

New Board of Directors

  • Now features: Nelson, Gavin, Karen, and Elizabeth
    • Fred is being considered for a seat on the board as well
What this means
  • The Board of Directors is the new decision-making body, instead of the core team
  • A majority of its members must approve any course of action before it can be taken
    • This makes a smaller body that is accountable and makes binding decisions, and that can easily be consulted to communicate the intent behind their decisions
  • An even number of members of the board introduces the possibility of tied votes, but this is acceptable for now.
    • Fred may join the board if he is able to stay involved on the national level.
Things for the Board to Do
  • Write the policy documents (mission statement, etc.) that we need.
  • Formalize how new chapters are registered and recognized, including criteria for recognizing chapters.
  • Formalize the rules for choosing board members
  • Hold the first in-person board meeting January 4-7 at Harvard
    • Final drafts for crucial documents will be completed by the end of this meeting

Chapter Registration

  • We have a list of chapters from the registration form
    • ...but Joe is no longer working on the database, so we'll have to update the chapters list by hand now (or someone else will have to develop an automated method)
    • Volunteers for updating the list should e-mail: [1]
Shipping Stuff
  • We need volunteers for this as well: [2]
    • Someone needs to talk to the EFF and Public Knowledge to let them know what to ship where.
  • T-shirts still need to be re-ordered
    • Then we need to talk to Downhill Battle to get access to their store so that we can add our t-shirts
      • We need someone with PHP experience to work on this
Responding to Chapter's Needs
  • Collecting chapter status
    • Could be a checklist or evaluation of the chapter's status, e.g. if it's a recognized organization on campus, how close it is to getting funding, etc.
    • Having each chapter write a paragraphs or two about how the chapter is doing or what their needs are and how the national organization can help them.
  • Summarize what chapters have done over the semester and send it out on the announce list
    • We have to stay in contact with the chapters to find out what they're doing
    • The news of what other chapters are doing can help inspire chapter activities