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This is an IRC meeting about the NYC summit [1].



  • Where when why what?
  • Materials/propaganda for the demonstration


  • we need to write a press release

lerner hall details

  • Nelson e-mailed Thessaly the guest list, are there any other details needed for the paperwork?

ride share

  • Eric Astor volunteered to help out with this. What does he need besides the guest list?


  • Thessaly volunteered to organize housing, I believe. Do we have enough floor space, or do we need more housing volunteers?


  • Nelson reports no contact from Siva yet - we still need to confirm he's coming.
  • CD's
    • We agreed on distributing an ISO via BitTorrent to the registrants and ask them to burn & bring at least 10 CDs each.
    • We need to design the CD slip - that's getting taken care of.
    • Getting the CDs into envelopes will happen as people bring the CDs in - it should go quickly.
  • Demonstration
    • Everyone should edit the Music blog flyer's text and get the information together for the demonstration!
    • When to do the demonstration? Saturday morning looks promising, so we'll go with that. Nelson will fix up the schedule.
  • The schedule became the topic of some debate between Nelson and Fred - however, it was settled, and will be posted on the proper wiki page.
    • Saturday afternoon will be split - brainstorming and such, and a workshop, led by Fred, to help develop the "myChapter" page.
    • Friday should end by 10pm to give everyone the chance to go out, etc.