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This page is for ideas and issues to bring up at our next meeting.

Please direct questions about the Wiki directly to our Wiki Commander

Notes from Board Liason

Past projects that we still want completed:

  • Full page aggregator for all of our chapters, a la Planet Planet
  • Also, a Planet-style aggregator for everyone's personal blog who is involved with, see Planet Beagle for a good example.
  • And an aggregator for general free culture news, perhaps to live on
  • Enable enclosures on the main blog, start using it to podcast audio and video, with separate feeds for the audio and video categories.
  • Make the chapters page prettier / more up-to-date / functional
    • User: ibm5_25:
      • go through the database and add school websites to every chapter that didn't fill that field in
      • edit the chapter registration page so the "Web Site" field is right after "School Name" and renamed something like "School Website" so people know what information is desired.
  • Add a dynamic map of our chapters, produced from the database
    • User: ibm5_25:
      • could this have pop-ups like Google Maps with useful info?
  • Install multi-user Wordpress, so that we can create blogs on demand
  • Install multi-user Mediawiki, so that we can create wikis on demand
  • Update the front page to look a little more like this, although perhaps without the sidebar, and obviously prettier than this hand-drawn sketch. This will require much writing of content.

Notes from Administrator

  • Top Priority - the Face of Free Culture . org
    • What if someone from the NY/LA Times, Washington Post, Drudge Report, [insert favorite news source here] were to come to Free Culture . org? What would they think? Would they know where to begin?
    • use of bug-tracker from bugtracker for our web troubles - thoughts?
    1. not yet open source
    2. huge bug case numbers
    3. *nearly* Perfect for what we need
  • In the not-so-distant future...
    • Graphic overhaul
    • Continuity of entire fc.o (wiki excluded)
    • Color scheme
  • Who loves graphic design / knows of open-source graphic program? mac & pc!
    • User:ibm5_25: The GIMP would work well, assuming someone takes the time to become proficient with it
  • Updated Content
    • Here is where the rest of the FC.o group comes in-
    • We need new information about the fight for FC
    • Researches - Blog Watchers - Up-to-date information on things like HR 1201
    • Possible Goal: Prepare website so we can send out links to things such as Rocketboom

Web Team specific

  • tidy up the URIs on the Wiki (but make sure they're backwards-compatible so that any old links still work): what if it was simply ""?
  • GNU FDL vs. Creative Commons on Wiki text (what about FC.o site itself --- is there even any licensing info on there?)
  • Stable URIs throughout the website (to prevent broken links)
    • See this W3C page
    • also note what they say about extensions (.php, .xhtml, etc.)

Already Resolved

We are so productive, some questions that have been brought up have already been answered!

FC.o General

  • the national conference coming up soon (next month!)
    • when will this be blogged?
    • is the Announce Team still alive? Are they going to Announce this so people can make plans?
    • where and when will the webpage be created for this event?
    • discuss on IRC: how do you get your school to pay for you to come to the conference?
      • what if you don't have student group started yet officially?
      • who can give who rides?
  • where should newbies that are new to being serious FC advocates look for material on the subject (OK, I read Lessig's "Free Culture", now what?)?
  • in-depth "Howto Start Your Own Chapter" guide?