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(Meeting Minutes)
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= Web Team Meeting =
= Web Team Meeting =
== Minutes ==
== Unfinished Business ==
== Unfinished Business ==
=== Web Team specific ===
=== Web Team specific ===

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Web Team Meeting


Unfinished Business

Web Team specific

  • tidy up the URIs on the Wiki (but make sure they're backwards-compatible so that any old links still work): what if it was simply "wiki.freeculture.org/2006-03-22"?
  • GNU FDL vs. Creative Commons on Wiki text (what about FC.o site itself --- is there even any licensing info on there?)
  • Stable URIs throughout the website (to prevent broken links)
    • See this W3C page
    • also note what they say about extensions (.php, .xhtml, etc.)

From the Board...

  • Full page aggregator for all of our chapters, a la Planet Planet
  • Also, a Planet-style aggregator for everyone's personal blog who is involved with FreeCulture.org, see Planet Beagle for a good example.
  • And an aggregator for general free culture news, perhaps to live on FreeCulture.net?
  • Enable enclosures on the main FreeCulture.org blog, start using it to podcast audio and video, with separate feeds for the audio and video categories.
  • Add a dynamic map of our chapters, produced from the database
    • User: ibm5_25:
      • could this have pop-ups like Google Maps with useful info?
  • Install multi-user Wordpress, so that we can create blogs on demand
  • Install multi-user Mediawiki, so that we can create wikis on demand
  • Update the front page to look a little more like this, although perhaps without the sidebar, and obviously prettier than this hand-drawn sketch. This will require much writing of content.

New Business

General Meeting

Meeting Minutes

  • FC submitting anything to Wikimania ([for the 2006 Conference in August])?
    • submission ideas (under "Free Knowledge and Access to Information")
      • panel (5 people req'd)
      • presentation (1 person req'd) probably better because less people - what FC.o has done; is gearing up to do; what chapters typically do?
  • Press Team (to write press releases and distribute them; keep an eye on press FC.o gets; talk to press when Nelson is busy)
    • there is a mailing list, left over from the last attempt to form a team but it is inactive
    • xoph volunteers to assemble and lead team!
  • next meeting will be Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 8 PM, EST