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Conference call with FSF on battling DRM together...


  • users of software / developers of software
  • FC.o has been ahead of FSF in making this a mainstream issue
  • FSF has been supportive of our anti Sony rootkit campaign, posted it on blogs, was on screens at GPL v.3 conference
  • members meeting in Boston - Larry is on board
  • discussing environment around GPL v3
  • need to push back DRM
  • put pressure on manufacturers to make safe for free software
  • educate general public about DRM in general
  • help our own communities stand up for their existing freedoms

campaign : defective by design

  • avoid being pegged as anti-copyright freeloaders
  • launch at Micros0ft event
  • winhec - 22nd of may, Monday, keynote on 24th
  • get lots of local people there for street theater
  • counter-ads? throw a wrench in their marketing campaign
  • we need help with graphics, content
  • who are we asking to do what?

time table:

  • summer: target a film during hollywood blockbuster season and do a DRM independence day
  • buy an ad in Variety, like Firefox
  • conversations with manufacturers - are really happening
  • DIY? but hardware is hard, tomorrow there may not be free hardware
  • short term - fight Micros0ft, raise awareness
  • long term - drm-free stamp & manufacturers

  • fiscal agent / 501(c)3 - check Nolo press
  • help with Seattle event -- HOPE 6