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This web team meeting was scheduled for Weds September 13, 2006 at 10pm EDT, but was moved to the same time a week later on Weds Sept 20. Please add to the agenda below!


  • Make sure that everyone on the web team knows how the website works
  • What's our plan for getting things done?
  • The continuing search for a web designer... can someone please make our website pretty?
  • Please my group need a web page some like and an email lglira
  • Democracy TV channel
  • Is the web team mailing list still working?



These people announced themselves:

  • Chris Wilkinson (cwilkin)
  • Anthony Patarini (gnuklear
  • Asheesh Laroia (paulproteus)
  • Scott Shawcroft (tannewt)

Make Sure That Everyone on the Web Team Knows How the Website Works

Due to time constraints on Chris, it was agreed that the inner workings of the website would be explained in detail at a later date to those that do not understand how the website works.

The Search for a Web Designer

A website designer is still elusive. Scott points out that Pascal Klein (klepas) would be a good lead for the project, but also notes that he is busy right now. Chris mentions someone else had been "floating around" for the position, but apparently nothing became of it. He says he will check with Elizabeth Stark (e-star) about this person.

User:Lglira requests and for his group. A ticket has been filed for this request at the Web Team Project on

DemocracyTV Channel

Scott earlier proposed a DemocracyTV channel for Chris is unfamiliar with the system. Anthony volunteers to work on it, but not as his highest priority. A similar request was made by Nelson Pavlosky (skyfaller) several months ago on the web team's bugtracker. Asheesh wonders if we have enough material to run a successful "tv channel", but Anthony points out that the sources for material include the incoming Anti-DRM videos, Free Software/Culture speeches by the likes of Lessig and Stallman, as well as a large collection of usable works from, among a large number of other options.

Web Team Mailing List

Chris states that the Web Team mailing list is operational.


2006-09-20/raw log