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This is a chapters meeting to organize both our chapters and the (inter)national organization for the upcoming fall semester.


If you think you can make it to this meeting, please leave your name / userpage here!

Planning to attend:

  • Nelson
  • Gavin
  • Fred
  • Nicholas L.
  • Ben M.
  • Parker
  • Nile (Florida Free Culture) (hi mom!)
  • Dave Riordan
  • Christina (Brown Free Culture)
  • Brian Rowe (Seattle University) (most likely attending)


Updating the chapter roster / chapter contacts

We need to figure out (1) which of our chapters will still be around next semester, and (2) who will serve as the contact for the national org. Many of our chapter contacts are graduating, so they either need to give us a new contact for their chapter, or confirm that their chapter is shutting down. We will have an official, automated way to do this through our website within the next few weeks, but for now we can just take an unofficial headcount.


Minutes will go here.