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  • Review comments on RC1 of the bylaws (#18-30)
  • Prepare RC2 of the bylaws
    • diff of changes from 2007-07-29
      • Resolutions not yet implemented in this diff:
        • Run the final draft through a spellchecker
        • Add removal for cause for board members
    • diff of changes from 2007-08-05
      • Resolutions not yet implemented in this diff:
        • Add definitions of specialized terms to Article III, Definitions
        • Add removal for cause for officers of the board (removal from officer position)
        • Specify that all fractions are rounded up to the next person (e.g. 2/3 of 7 people = 4.666 = 5 people required for threshold)
    • diff of changes from 2007-09-03 (forthcoming)


Bylaws RC2 1 - holds the proposed Core Team language, needs to be merged.





Next Meeting

The next bylaws meeting will be 2007-09-09 at 5 pm EDT (convert to your time zone) in #freeculture (see IRC for help).