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Attendance: LaRacuente (Swarthmore College), Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock (Columbia University), Christina Ducruet (Brown University), Nelson Pavlosky (George Mason Law), Ben Mazer (Swarthmore College), Alex Kozak (UC Berkeley)

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This meeting will occur at 9 PM Eastern in #freeculture.


First, we'll get some global SFC business out of the way, then we'll handle local chapter business.

Greetings & Attendance

  • Volunteer to write minutes?
  • Introductions and attendance

Board elections

We will answer these questions:

  • What is the Board?
  • What is involved with being on it?
  • How do you nominate people to run for the Board?
    • Nominations will be asynchronous. We'll make a wiki page, and you can post who you want to nominate on that page and sign your name+chapter. If you're having any trouble doing this, e-mail Asheesh and he'll like do it for you or something.
  • How will the elections work?
  • What is the timeframe for elections?

Rebooting the Core Team

See Bylaws_RC2#Section_2._Core_Team for the nitty gritty details of what the core team is and how it functions. Basically, chapter members can show up to meetings, and once they meet the attendance requirements they can help make decisions about what projects the global SFC org should work on, etc.

  • When will the first new Core Team meeting be? How often shall it meet to start with? (I recommend every two weeks.)

Rebooting the Volunteers

All of the "teams" of volunteers should gather together regularly for a general volunteers meeting, so that they can keep track of what everyone is working on, bring in new people who know they want to volunteer but aren't sure what to volunteer for, and cover projects that require the work of more than one team or that don't fall within the mission of any existing team.

  • I recommend that we hold these meetings every two weeks, alternating with the Core Team meetings.
  • Volunteers mailing list - let's put all volunteers on this one?
  • "Existing" "teams" include the web team, blog team, wiki team, and FC Labs

Shipping to chapters

Care packages are almost ready to be shipped, I just need t-shirt sizes from everyone, and I'm waiting for a package from the EFF to arrive (it shipped on Thursday, should be here by next Thursday, and I hope to ship the packages out a week from now).

  • IMPORTANT: If you have not already registered your chapter, register it ASAP otherwise you may not get a care package.
  • Note: I refuse to ever handle shipping again, so we'll need a paid coordinator or something next year... I hope our Board candidates have a plan. --Nelson

What can we do to help our chapters?

  • What Students for Free Culture materials can we provide to chapters?
    • T-shirts - need a new design for the new name (also more sizes, colors etc.) Some campuses have silk-screening facilities, we should provide our designs to them so that they can print their own.
    • Pamphlet - We need a new up-to-date pamphlet, and we should professionally print some copies, as well as making the source files available to chapters to print their own.
    • Stickers/Buttons - Some campuses have button presses, we just need to make a good design that people can use.
    • We need an art team that is larger than just Karen... can we recruit in art departments at our schools?
  • How can we better publicize events/activities that our chapters are already doing?
  • How can we nicely package events / activities that chapters have already done so that they're easy to replicate at other schools?
  • What speakers/events can we help book for our chapters? (Hosting a traveling speaker / event can be easier than other sorts of activism for a small chapter.)
    • Digital Freedom? See their series of campus copyright debates.
    • Actual decisions on this question will have to be made by the Core Team / Board, and until the Board appoints a Coordinator all and any of this work will have to be done by Volunteers... this might be a bit of a longer-term idea. On the other hand, we already helped out with the Free Culture Tour back in the day.
  • What services could we provide aside from shipping care packages and providing webspace?

How do you start/operate a chapter?

We'll close the meeting with this perennial question which could take years to answer completely. People who have to leave can leave at this point, but I hope that everyone will stay to talk with the new chapters and help them get rolling.


Attendance: LaRacuente (Swarthmore College), Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock (Columbia University), Christina Ducruet (Brown University), Nelson Pavlosky (George Mason Law), Ben Mazer (Swarthmore College), Alex Kozak (UC Berkeley)