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Workshop Session 1: Open Access | Free Software | Free Music & Remix Culture | Free Video & Open Media
Workshop Session 2: Digital Disobedience | Communication and Collaboration | A Vision for | Models for Creators
2007 workshop reports +/-

... reports from all 8 workshops forthcoming? after.

== General comments ==organizations to contact -- roosevelt institute () -- eff (by all means - john g - security) -- save the internet, save internet radio


nelson - its been great to work with people from all walks oflife. we allwant to encourage this widner comunity, and to encsure there is a studnet movement that caters specificallyto them. there will have to be some reogrganizing aroundfreeculture.orgto makespace for everyonewhile making sure we dont overgeneralize what any onegroup is doing.

gavin - people here have a tremendous diversity of background. sensitivity will be key to continue workkingtogether. i dont thinkthat means not saying when your opinion differs. our of all the conferences and things that i have been to, there is always tehse tensions tand that is part of what makes a movement interesting. in order for it to work people have to be free to express themselves and be able to roll with the punches, and speak freely while speaking respectfully. weve done a pretty good job of this, i say this bc i think it is the most imortant thing to keep in mind as we move forward as a movement today has def reinforced that. i want tooffer this as a takeaway and hopewe continue to be respectfuland work together where we can.

i'm impressed with all the people who stayed to the bitter end - people who i had no idea were interested in this and here they are. this is a relaly good catalyst for figuring ot the directino of our organizatino. we would like it to e easy to do online,but the fa t isits not. people have a hard time working together online; maybe not for some projects, utifind that these kindsof events for freeculture have been really important for establishing friendship s and oiive social connexions to use and leverage. i hopewe can do this again soon, even next year. and i like boston ;)

ben - the main thing i got out of today: the vague ways we define both free and culture will be different depending on who we ask. and the value we pace in our own efforts and those of others will also vary. id on;t think there was any specific conclusion on yes, this is how we implement free culture; i felt that across the board, everyone is optimistic that the answer is out there, or that some answer is applicable to all of our situations. this is very reassuring and inspiring where people are more or less on the same page that there can be this balance between personal profit and acomfortable lifestyle resulting from giving back to the community as much as possible. thanks to all for their very insightful input, and i hope these things keep going on.

randy -collaborative competition: i hope you will give some thought to the idea that extending what you do beyond this group

es - i'm going to do something illegal, being down here on the floor. is astudent chapter based organization; this was a conference for them; there is a discussion to expanding freeculture beyond those environments and even beyond youth environments. ok, i promise i won't do this again.

nick - i think this is important bc it gives us a couple of days where the main thing on our minds is free culture and not other work or clubs..

nick - i was really really impressedwith some of the ideas and actions that schools did this year, and hope those ideas aregetting picked up and shouted on websites and shared with other schools, as they are often translated to other schools.

christopher - i was really impressed with the conference and everyone involved with it it seems clear to me that as astudent org has a really important role, on campus, but also not restricted to working with students; so many goodideas, manyof themnow on the wiki, make me hopeful for the future of free culture.

bill - i'm really excited about all the people from out of town who ame, and those from boston as well - i didnt know about this until 2 days ago when i searched for 'free culture' on google. so this is very exciting. i also want to note the parallels between the free culture student movement and students for a democratic society. i hope people will go back to their respective campuses and link up with parallel groups.

zach - one thing mako brought up in the last sessino: in activism, timing is very important. free culture right now is in a critical position; we can get the ideas here today out to a much larger audience; taking projects such as wikipedia, helping to get other people engaged, really expanding the audience.

?-- following up on what zach is saying: we are in a historic moment; debates suchas this should betaking place at a legislative level also. i would encouragethisgroup to reach out to state and national representatives. it is veryimportant that congress hear the ideas being circulated here.

max - i would like to take a second to encourage people to walk in that direction. i know there is anaversion to becoming poltiical, but as a political dork it would bemore efficacious if we involved ourselves explicitly in debates about lawasat the fdederal level, and partnered with orgs where it was applicable to affect some of these policies.

neil - coming here today, the great q: 'what is free culture?' and i don't have any idea what it is, but i'm getting a better idea of whatits not. its not limitedby geography, personal background, or any of therest. its not about paywalls, its not weak, passive, or finished. we should take this effusive good feeling, and think to act at the end of the day. take those energies, do something, a blog post, a protest, whatever you want, and channel that intosomething.

sj - i hope everyone takes some time out to make someone one or two generations older than you familiar with these issues-- this transfer of knowledge about the changing world [online] to younger generations is only going to become more emphasized in the near future.

kevin - there is an action step you can take with your warm fuzzies - tomorrow im extending theworkshop we did today, and asking people to take their vision statements tbout what it is like after a few very succesful years of working on free culture projects and ideas. afteryou've beenworking on this, what is it like in that world - what do you talk about, what is different?

if you\re not a member of the fc discuss listserv, talk to me... and i'll send out a notice. es - we'll send out one followup email to all the attendees with info aboutall of this, and wikilinks. does anyone object?

kevin - we had great fruitful discussion inn our workshop. i'd like to hear more from those people andfrom people who werent even in cambridge today.

es - we aregoing as groups to these 5 restaurants; then at 9:30 we are having a dance conspiracy dance party, meeting by the h sq t, in the Pit. if you haveyour own headphones, bring them...