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This is a Core Team meeting.



Who's taking minutes?

Choose 5 internal projects that should get done in the near future

Also brainstorm at least a couple "next actions" for each project. Possible internal projects that were mentioned last meeting include:

  • Supporting the Board in incorporating / seeking 501(c)3 status
  • Activist packet / "how to start a chapter kit"
  • chapter blog-a-thon (leading to a podcast?)
  • free culture reporter / newsletter
  • collect chapter-made materials, e.g. flyers
  • SFC pamphlet
  • Clean up the SFC wiki
  • Find and use FOSS project management software

We should see if any other internal projects are worthy of consideration... it may also be worth brainstorming external activist projects, but I think we should focus on internal projects first to get the organization up to speed.

Choose a chair and vice-chair/secretary

The bylaws say that we'll elect a new chair & vice-chair every 4 months. (Of course, either officer can resign before then if they want and make way for new elections, if that is desirable.) It's been suggested that the vice-chair should perform secretarial duties when the chair is present, so that we always have someone who will reliably take minutes, but those duties are not assigned by the bylaws.

If you think you may want either job for the next four months, please read the bylaws to understand what the position requires, and come to the meeting prepared with a few lines (only a few) about why you'd be good for the position. Then we'll just do simple majority vote of everyone who attended both meetings. (Since that's not going to be that many people, if there's a tie or something icky you'll just have to duke it out or flip a coin or something, sorry, the bylaws seem to assume a voting body larger than 4 people. We can run elections again once there are more people on the Core Team if the officers are agreeable to that and you can't wait 4 months for their terms to expire... but right now, it's best to just choose someone and run with it.)


How separate should the Volunteers be from the Core Team? The bylaws clearly state who will have voting power on the Core Team, and there will be a number of people who are interested in volunteering for SFC who clearly cannot have decision-making power. Does that mean the Volunteers should be able to meet at a different time instead of immediately after the Core Team? Should they have a separate mailing list, or hang out on the Core Team list even if they can't vote? Which is worse, information fragmentation or confusion between the two groups?

New Business

If there is any time left after discussing that weighty topic (we want to keep the meeting under an hour in length), we should open the floor to new business. Otherwise, punt it to the agenda for the next Core Team meeting.

Volunteer until everyone leaves!

Actually get work done instead of just talking about it.