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*Adi Kamdar, Chadwick
*Adi Kamdar, Chadwick
*Karen Rustad, Claremont Colleges
*Karen Rustad, Claremont Colleges
*Fred Benenson, NYU Alumn (late :P)

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If you put your ?def into jibot, it makes introductions go a LOT faster. If you have no idea what this means, we'll explain in the meeting :)

SFC Alumni organization

Gavin wants to start an organization for SFC alumni (people who are no longer students. He would like help. What resources can/should we give to this project (web space, mailing lists, etc)?

I'm sure Gavin will have more to say about this.

SFC/SPARC collaboration

Gavin is the SFC contact for SPARC. We should assign somebody to be the SPARC contact for SFC, so he knows who to talk to when the two orgs want to work together!

FTP dump site

How's it going? Are people uploading? How can we better organize it/make it more useful?


How separate should the Volunteers be from the Core Team? The bylaws clearly state who will have voting power on the Core Team, and there will be a number of people who are interested in volunteering for SFC who clearly cannot have decision-making power. Does that mean the Volunteers should be able to meet at a different time instead of immediately after the Core Team? Should they have a separate mailing list, or hang out on the Core Team list even if they can't vote? Which is worse, information fragmentation or confusion between the two groups?

Meeting times

Do we want to keep this meeting time for the foreseeable future? It won the Doodle poll, but it does screw over non-US people...

Attendance requirement question

If you attend a meeting, but mostly idle/don't contribute, can that count toward your membership?

New Business

What didn't we get to cover this meeting that should be placed on the agenda for next meeting? (This is a good way to make these agendas more participatory.)

Volunteer until everyone leaves!

Actually get work done instead of just talking about it.




  • parker phinney, Chadwick
  • Adi Kamdar, Chadwick
  • Karen Rustad, Claremont Colleges
  • Fred Benenson, NYU Alumn (late :P)


  • Gavin Baker, UF Alumn
  • Nelson Pavlosky, Swarthmore Alumn, 1L at George Mason Law

Nelson notes that the minimal attendance might be a product of poor advertising

Alumni/ae Group

  • Gavin wants to get the ball rolling
    • let people know about it
    • Web resources
      • alumni.freeculture.org
      • mailing list
  • membership: primarily alumni of SFC chapters
    • but perhaps "affiliate" branch as well
    • Asheesh can be an "honorary" alumnus :)
  • Parker notes that we should be conscious of the fact that the alumni group, though separate, may in some sense represent the student group
    • people decide that the details can be hammered out later.
  • Gavin want's the alumni group to eventually have a contact database
    • suggests that the current SFC database include not just liaisons, but _all_ chapter members
  • people think this is a good idea.
    • for:3 against:0


  • We need to clarify the rules for voting, and the definition of "attendance"
  • what we've decided for now:
    • one is marked "absent" if they miss more than 2 votes (abstaining is different "from missing")
    • the only requirement of attendance in the first meeting is speaking up during attendance
    • one can vote during one's second meeting