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This is an adhoc meeting in IRC to teach people how to use the SFC email accounts.


Attendance: skyfaller, mllerustad, conley, and ftobia

How to setup a SFC mailbox (in this case, newgroup)

In Thunderbird:

  • Go to "Add account"
  • Select email account
  • Name for outgoing mail: Students for Free Culture
  • First address we're setting up:
  • Type of email server: IMAP
  • Username: newgroup
  • Password: (ask Nelson) :p
  • Go to mailbox settings, then server settings, then select 'TLS if available'
  • Login!

Make sure you have the stars column set in your Thunderbird. Stars are for messages at 1.) require a reply and 2.) have not been replied to.

There are four folders associated with this inbox:

  • Junk - All the random spam that Thunderbird lovingly culls.
  • Registration - auto-emails from our registration form go here.
  • RepliedTo - for stuff that does not require more replies, e.g. the chapter has been registered and approved, and all is peachy. For reference, the canonical list of chapters is here.
  • SpamProbably - Sometimes people think that we actually give chapters money and try to scam us. It's amusing.

Goal with this inbox: turn interested contacts and baby chapters into registered, approved, happy(?) chapters!

Steps to making a chapter an official chapter:

1.) Make sure they actually want to be a chapter! (Lots of emails ask "what does starting a chapter entail?" or "how does students for free culture work?". They're interested, but not committing yet.) 2.) Get the chapter registered! (Instructions at Register a chapter. They are, however, crazy complicated. If you don't like this, poke your favorite Webteam member about it.)

Tasks to complete:

1.) Write canned responses to FAQs and post them on the wiki.