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This page is deprecated in favor of the Chapter Kickstarter.

The Activist Packet is a set of documents to educate chapter leaders and volunteers and equip them with the skills necessary to be leaders in the free culture student movement. If you want to start a Free Culture chapter, this is the place to start.


So, you've decided to start a Free Culture chapter at your school. Great! This Activist Packet is designed to guide you through the process of founding a group. We hope you find it useful.

No pain, no gain

We should warn you: starting a chapter is no easy task. Forming a new student group is never easy, and Free Culture chapters are no exception. It takes considerable effort and time, and probably a little money too. You will be challenged; you may be confronted. You will be forced to leave your comfort zone. Your skills -- particularly in leadership, organization, and communication -- will be tested. But FreeCulture.org and your fellow chapters will do what they can to help. Don't hesitate to ask for input or advice.

The good news

Starting a new student group is an exciting experience and a worthy addition to your time as a student. You will meet new people and have new experiences. You will have the opportunity to talk with experts and leaders. You will work with -- and against -- elected and appointed officials, faculty, and administrators. You will hone your skills and develop greater confidence. You will develop expertise. You will have a chance to influence decision-making, and to educate. Most importantly, you will work to defend your rights and to improve the lives of others.

(By the way: all of the above look really good on a résumé.)

Starting a group

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