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  • August 12th, 2009 1pm EST
  • Conference Call


  • Ducruet
  • Higgins
  • Donovan
  • Moskowitz


Website Refresh

  • wiki integration
  • Change "Chapter News" > "News"
  • Add Free Culture News?
  • How to integrate video
  • investigate cool WP plug-ins (specifically with an eye towards dynamic content)
  • Ben will install TwitterTools


  • Blog Posts: increase frequency up to 2x/week
  • Chapter News(featured)
  • Real-time discussion: view of either of twitter (cultivate #freeculture) or of Forum/fcdicuss
  • Free Culture News: get in sync with Conley (talk about which issues we would make commentary on)
  • Videos:
    • videos from the conference
    • Free Culture channel on Miro
    • Player that supports .ogg and .mp4 (Ben to look into a partnership with Kaltura?)

Fostering Community Dialogue

  • Twitterfication (Ben to set up twitter action)
  • Identica (Parker will investigate integration)

New Chapter Certification

  • Draft a new e-mail to new chapters - respond to the 3 new chapters (Parker>Alabama, Kevin>Kenya, Christina>GWU)
    • Message: Welcome, schedule a call for general QA
  • Christina to reach out to web team to get in sync with web team on their workflow

What would the ideal process look like?

  • Draft a form letter
  • Then we speak with them on the phone
  • Then we send them "Year Zero" - (launch September 1st)
  • Christina to create 11x17 posters for events
  • Get group to come up with a list of people who we could reach out to in advance to ask if they would be willing to speak at chapter events - break out the list by region. have bios in advance - 200 words. also have their availability.

Reaching out to existing chapters

  • One time early in the year to let them know what we are doing
  • One time in October for news to create a chapter newsletter
  • After the first call, create internal announce list - for "all-org" communications that should not go to the public. "In order to be eligible for travel grants for the next conference your chapter needs to be on the internal announce list"
  • Update contact information for each chapter following calls / review or remove dead chapters

Procedural Notes

  • Grant proposal: could we get sponsored by a Linux provider for the OU project. Re-open the list and add people.
  • Capacity: Research assistants, web developer to do open university,
  • 501c3: mystery bank account - Driscoll will initiate bank account and fill out paperwork in CA.
  • Bad processes/workflows/things to kill -- make a note and break out later
  • Good processes/workflows/things to revive -- compile list of old campaigns, after, review for ones to redo

OU Campaign

  • Ben to go through the list of partners and call for them to sign off on it / get their involvement as advisors
  • Need separate meetings for OU (including the people on the OU list)
  • Put a call for help on the blog and circulate to get as many hands on deck as possible: statistician, point system expert, etc.
  • OU Call at 1PM tomorrow