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Nominations to Run for the Board of Directors

According to the Bylaws, nominees for the Board of Directors must either be a current member of an FC chapter or currently serving on the Board.

Reminder, nominations close at Midnight EST on March 20, 2009.

How to nominate someone

  1. Contact that person.
  2. Edit this page and copy-paste the template below.
  3. Complete the information to reflect your nominee.

What to do if you are nominated

  1. Wait for your sponsor to add you to this page.
  2. Update the Bio and Statement sections below your name.

List of Nominees

(in alphabetical order, by last name)

Ducruet, Christina, Current SFC Board member

  • Nominated by Kevin Driscoll



Driscoll, Kevin, Current SFC Board member / MIT Free Culture

  • Nominated by Christina Ducruet



Moskowitz, Ben, SFC@Berkeley

  • Nominated by Alex Kozak



Questions, Thoughts, Concerns

This is a space for any FC member to post thoughts to provoke and guide the statements of board nominees.

  • How will can we improve communication among the various chapters?
  • What is something specific we can do to better support and encourage new chapters?
  • How can we improve our current tools?
  • What progress will you make on the Open University campaign?

Past Nominations