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Boarding meeting AFK

  • Aditi
  • Parker
  • Adi
  • Kevin

Chapter census

  • Linked to google doc instead of db
  • Wanted feature: be able to hide a chapter without deleting things
  • Next actions
  • Ideally no more broken links
  • List on site should better match reality
  • Get chapter leaders on chapters@

New chapters?

  • Into which form is this data going?
  • Who is monitoring this?
  • Responding to chapter inquiries

Alumni, defunct chapters?

  • Need simple way to keep in touch with alumni members
  • Mechanism to store info about inactive chapters so we can help people who are interested in re-activation

Faculty advisory board

  • Need to reach out for the fall

Breakout the list


  • Biella Coleman
  • Pat Aufderheider
  • Stephen Duncombe


  • Larry Lessig
  • Mike Nelson


  • Wendy Seltzer
  • Ed Felten


  • Henry Jenkins
  • James Boyle


  • Rebecca Mackinnon
  • Kembrew McLeod

OA Week


  • Gdocs is becoming unwieldy
  • Need a space in addition to the wiki that is private
  • Better wiki gardening
  • Could we have a central index gdoc with links to all the other important ones
    • To enable easier handoff
  • Basecamp/project management service?

SFC employee?

  • Thinking about half-time employment
    • Monthly stipend?
  • Is there a band-aid solution?
  • What needs to happen before we reach out to employees?
  • Rock + hard place
    • Reasons we haven't been moving forward are things that would be solved by employee

Paths to victory

  • Raising money for an employee to help us get to 501(c)3
  • With the goal of this person potentially becoming the full employee

First task?

  • Finish 501(c)3 process


  • How to run a conference
  • "How to select a date"
  • "How I secure a space"


Main day

Work day

  • Structure around Wheeler
  • How to make this day more productive?
  • Starting things in advance
  • Retaining some flexibility for issues that jump up


  • Generate 1page summary


Travel, chapter outreach

  • "Save the date"


  • Conf11 design, blog skin, flyers, logo
    • Ducruet said she'd help with design

Election committee

  • Make a call on discuss@, chapters@

Next actions

  • Create a gdoc with things to do
  • Parker blog post re gdocs


  • Another push to get everyone on discuss@
  • Update leaders contacts on chapters@
  • Chop up FAB contact list and send emails "hi! fall 2010"
  • Final blog post re: last 3 FAB members
  • Save the date for chapters


OA Week

  • Blog post with 3 things they can do (easy, easy, hard) + links to (Adi)
    • OA at 2 levels: university + national policy (FERPA, )


  • Email broad@, fred, elizabeth, donovan, alex
  • Stipend for spring semester
    • Kickstarter
  • Job is to lay foundation for a longer-term employee
  • Also experiment in working with an employee


  • How to run a conference wiki page (Aditi)
  • Driscoll share FCX docs
  • Mail discuss re: unconference day planning (Driscoll)
  • Generating 1-page (Driscoll)
  • Follow up on previous year's fundraising (Driscoll)
  • Save the date: email (Aditi)
  • Save the date / announcement: (Andrea)
  • Put content on wordpress install (Adi + Parker)
  • Nudge Christina about imagery (Parker)
  • On-going brainstorming around invitees (Everyone)

Next call

  • 10/24, 4pm PT