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Board meeting:

  • Oct 31, 1pm ET / 4pm PT
  • Aditi
  • Parker
  • Kevin
  • Adi

Dividing up jobs

  • Parker: census
  • Aditi: conference
  • Kevin: employee, 501(c)3, funding, taxes
  • Adi: leading contact with FAB

Overall timeline goal

  • Finish chapter census by Dec 1
  • Get employee plan off the ground by Dec 1
  • FAB by Dec 1

SFC employee?

  • Thinking about half-time employment
    • Monthly stipend?
  • Raising money for an employee to help us get to 501(c)3
  • With the goal of this person potentially becoming the full employee
    • Outline 501(c)3 process
  • Writing job description
  • Solicit applicants
    • social network for non profits
  • Timeline for dealing with application
    • Rolling? Deadline?
  • Interview process?
  • Kickstarter?
    • Email Fred, re: matching funds
  • $ amount
    • Adjust for KS fees
    • Adjust for taxes
    • trawl for $ amounts
  • Job description due: Sunday November 7

Chapter census?

  • merge all of the different places where info on chapters lives in to this google doc (the one i described above): /please request access if you don't already have it, and i'll give it to you/

    • merge in the the second "sheet" within that same doc--this is copy/pasted from this google doc called "Chapter contact list for Free Culture", which we should probably delete once it's merged in (so we're not tempted to keep stuff all splintered):
    • merge in "Free Culture in Europe"
    • make it so that the google form on the site outputs to this file instead of the random other spreadsheet that it currently uses
      • also, it should email us whenever someone submits the form if google can't do that for us, we can write some python to do that.
    • as necessary, merge in some of the "private" info that we still have in the old chapter database (like phone numbers, student mailing addresses, etc). this stuff lives here:
      • this one isn't pressing because we're guaranteed to have just as many chapters in our google spreadsheet as we have on the wiki, so we can always just get missing info from people as we're pinging people during the census

other actionable thing right now, probably only by driscoll and alumni on this list:

my goal is to make it so that when someone fills out that form:

  • the results show up in our chapter database spreadsheet, not the other spreadsheet that they currently go to
  • board@ gets an email

re-ping on this. i'm pretty swamped this weekend but if someone is free please get back to these guys!

  • invite them to subscribe to chapters:

  • add them to the chapter database:

bonus points:

  • make a wiki page with these bullet points and maybe copy/paste your email into it so that we can have a stock email to proceed with the chapter census

Dealing with new chapters

  • Need a more clear work flow + a single person who is responsible
    • For the time being, this is Parker
  • TODO: Add notification to new chapter gDoc

Faculty advisory board

  • Put together a few big points "this is what's up"
  • Announce conference
  • Invitation to chat by phone or email
  • Adi will takeover on the FAB reach-outs
  • TODO: Invite Brian Rowe
    • Kevin will email informally
    • Adi will email formally
  • Another blog post with last round of invitees + Rowe
  • Update fac advisory board

Conference planning

  • TODO: make space on the wiki for speaker recommendations

Brainstorm speakers

Local to NY:

  • Dan Streibl, orphan film/works

What can we re-use from FCX?

  • Schedule
  • Spreadsheets
  • Eventbrite?

= Tech stuff

  • Plan for streaming during conference?
  • Where are the videos from FCX?
  • TODO: Adi email innovate/activate guy an email


  • Generate 1 page summary

Work day

  • Structure around Wheeler
  • How to make this day more productive?
  • Starting things in advance
  • Retaining some flexibility for issues that jump up


  • Conf11 design, blog skin, flyers, logo

Travel, lodging

  • Remind chapter leaders about investigating funding at their universities
  • We can provide letters of invitations

Election committee

  • No one is assigned to this yet
  • Make a call on discuss@, chapters@