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Interested in running?

Are you interested in running for the Students for Free Culture board of directors? Do you feel like you have what it takes—or what the organization needs—to run a global organization?

As a member of the board of directors, you'll be responsible for running Students for Free Culture. This includes helping to organize chapters, events, conferences—to put it simply, the board does a lot. None of these are defined roles—if there's more, the board does more; if there's less, the board does less. And heck, the board can even decide to distribute roles out to other folks. It's really up to you, but understand that you are responsible for the future of Students for Free Culture.

The election cycle is going to take place over the next month, with submissions for nominees opening on April 4th, and final results announced on May 1st.

In order to run...

  • by April 11th, either nominate yourself or have someone nominate you. By this date, you must accept or reject a nomination. All of this will happen on the nominations page, which includes the rules for nomination.
  • from April 18th-30th, voting will happen. We use a program called Selectricity and a voting method called the Schulze Method. Basically, each chapter will vote in the form of a list of candidates in order of preference.
  • on May 1st, we will announce the winners!

Being a member of SFC's board of directors is an exciting experience that is chock full of responsibilities. By joining the board, you can help determine the future of an important, influential, globally reaching student organization.



Election Coordinator

  • Appointed at the end of each cycle by the existing Election Coordinator (see below)
  • One-year commitment, one time only
  • Anyone may volunteer for this position except for current board members and current nominees (past board members are OK)


April 4

  • Election cycle begins, begin to solicit nominees
  • Make banner graphic and put it on the front of
  • Blog post with key dates and description of what the board is/does
  • Tweet it
  • Email chapters@, discuss@
    • This message should be very easy for chapter leaders to fwd to chapter members
  • Nominees can begin to accept/reject nominations

April 11

  • Confirm candidates
    • Deadline for nominees to accept
  • Announce candidate names, chapters
    • Tweet, blog, chapters@, discuss@
  • Candidates respond to prompt(s) on wiki page
    • 5 "thought" or "vision" questions regarding the future of SFC
    • Prompts written by Election Coordinator
  • Set up Selectricity and issue tokens to chapter leaders
    • Send email to chapters@ explaining the voting process

April 18

  • Voting begins
  • Selectricity is open for business
  • Re-send email to chapters@ explaining how to vote

April 30

  • Voting closes
  • Selectricity does not accept any more votes

May 1

  • Announce the election results
    • Blog, tweet, chapters@, discuss@
  • Add new board members to board@
  • Existing board and new board plan a conference call to discuss transition
  • Create new category on wiki for BoardYY (e.g. Board11 for 2011-2012 school year)
  • Appoint next Election Coordinator
  • Election cycle ends