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Nominations to Run for the 2011 Board of Directors

According to the Bylaws, nominees for the Board of Directors must either be a current member of an FC chapter or currently serving on the Board.

Reminder, nominations close at Midnight PDT on April 10, 2011.


Nominations are accepted through March 14. Between March 14 and April 17, candidates will answer questions from the community and participate in one live Q/A session.

Chapters will receive e-vote tokens by email on April 18th, and must cast their votes by April 30. The results will be announced on May 1.

How to nominate someone

  1. Contact that person.
  2. Edit this page and copy-paste the template below.
  3. Complete the information to reflect your nominee.

What to do if you are nominated

  1. Wait for your sponsor to add you to this page.
  2. Update the Bio and Statement sections below your name.

List of Nominees

(in alphabetical order, by last name)

Last Name, First Name, Chapter

  • Nominated by ...