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Meeting Date MeetingDate::2008/07/06
Meeting Attendees ,|x|MeetingAttendees::User:x}}
Board Meeting? BoardMeeting::t
Core Meeting? CoreMeeting::f
Quorum? Quorum::t
Meeting Agenda [[MeetingAgenda::* Finalize paperwork for incorporation
  • Next steps on working with Berkeley folks
  • Funding updates
  • Finalize t-shirt plans
  • Plan next meeting]]
Meeting Minutes [[MeetingMinutes::== 3:10 ==

Kevin, Brendan, Fred on call Regularly weekly meeting? (TODO) Recurring Thur 4pm starting July 17


Elizabeth arrives Conference updates Berkeley Center for Law and Technology may assist us with accounting issues


Working collaboratively on outreach to potential FC conf supporters (TODO: Kevin) talk to Tim re: advice (TODO: Brendan) draft short paragraph describing our goals and needs (TODO: Fred) talking to Joi re: advice


Planning a call between board + Berkeley people (TODO) Wed 4pm, tentatively


(TODO: Fred) ordering t's on Monday afternoon


Incorporation update (TODO: Brendan) review the bylaws, pass back to Elizabeth


Fred, Kevin sign off Brendan, Elizabeth stay on to finish working on bylaws]]