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The basic plan is for the board of directors (Karen, Nelson, Gavin, and Elizabeth) to meet at Harvard University January 4-7, arriving on Wednesday night, and spending Thursday-Saturday working on


We should finalize certain important documents. These documents should have a decent start before we get there, we'll work on them over winter break.

We probably should get the ball rolling on 501(c)(3) status again, or at least drawing up any documents that we would need for that. Towards that end, we should start keeping track of our finances.

Other issues Gavin mentioned: bylaws, organizational structure, corporate status, communication, community building, an activist packet, funding...


Directions from airport: Take Silver Line to South Station, switch to Red Line to Alewife, get off at Harvard Square


  • 2-5pm - Cyberlaw class



  • 4:12 pm - Gavin departs from Boston airport


  • 7ish am - Karen flies away
  • 1pm - Nelson buses away