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The Core Team is a decision-making body which is answerable only to the board of directors.

Anyone who is a member of a Students for Free Culture chapter may join the Core Team after attending two consecutive meetings. A Core Team member who misses two consecutive meetings will have their membership suspended, but they may become active again simply by attending two consecutive meetings again. See the bylaws.

Next meeting

Monday, June 16th at 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time in IRC.

Core Team Members

Voting members

  • Karen Rustad, Free Culture 5C - Chair
  • Parker Phinney, Chadwick Free Culture - Vice-Chair
  • Adi Kamdar, Chadwick Free Culture
  • Hendrik Grahl, Florida Free Culture
  • Fred Benenson, Free Culture @ NYU

Non-voting members

  • Richard Kaufman, Free Culture @ UPRM
  • Cole Ott, Chadwick Free Culture
  • Nelson Pavlosky, board alumnus
  • Gavin Baker, board alumnus
  • Alex Kozak

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