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Current Election

Past Election

Election Process

  • Drafted at SFC NYC unconference


Election Coordinator

  • Appointed at the end of each cycle by the existing Election Coordinator (see below)
  • One-year commitment, one time only
  • Anyone may volunteer for this position except for current board members (past board members are OK)


February 28

  • Election cycle begins, begin to solicit nominees
  • Set up wiki page for election
  • Make banner graphic and put it on the front of
  • Blog post with key dates and description of what the board is/does
  • Tweet it
  • Email chapters@, discuss@
    • This message should be very easy for chapter leaders to fwd to chapter members
  • Nominees can begin to accept/reject nominations

March 14

  • Confirm candidates
    • Deadline for nominees to accept
  • Announce candidate names, chapters
    • Tweet, blog, chapters@, discuss@
  • Candidates respond to prompt(s) on wiki page
    • 5 "thought" or "vision" questions regarding the future of SFC
    • Prompts written by Election Coordinator
  • Set up Selectricity and issue tokens to chapter leaders
    • Send email to chapters@ explaining the voting process

April 18

  • Voting begins
  • Selectricity is open for business
  • Re-send email to chapters@ explaining how to vote

April 30

  • Voting closes
  • Selectricity does not accept any more votes

May 1

  • Announce the election results
    • Blog, tweet, chapters@, discuss@
  • Add new board members to board@
  • Existing board and new board plan a conference call to discuss transition
  • Create new category on wiki for BoardYY (e.g. Board11 for 2011-2012 school year)
  • Appoint next Election Coordinator
  • Election cycle ends