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===How can I start a group at my school?===
===How can I start a group at my school?===
See [[Starting a Free Culture group]].

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We get a lot of e-mail with questions that are generally a result of misconceptions and a lack of awareness of the issues that FreeCulture.org and Free Culture groups were designed to respond to. We want to take those questions head-on and have something to point people to when they bring up these questions.

If you're looking for a bunch of text that used to be here, see Misconceptions.

About Us

Some of this information needs to go on a separate About page. In fact, I think we should stick to fixing misconceptions in the FAQ, and put most of this on the About page.

What is FreeCulture.org?

  • "students and supporters"
    • mostly college/university students, some high school & non-students
  • volunteers
  • not for profit
  • non-partisan
  • activists
  • community solutions
  • not communists (how do we say this? "pro-free market"? "pro-capitalism"?)
  • not radicals
  • not just nerds: nerds, artists, political types, etc.
  • relationship between FC groups, FC.o

What is free culture?

What do you do?

How are you organized?

  • FC.o
    • Core Team
    • other teams
    • Executive Director
  • Local groups

What is the history of FC.o?

What is your partisan bent?

FreeCulture.org is a non-partisan group. We are not affiliated with any political party. Our members include Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and independents.

What is your relationship with other groups?

FreeCulture.org is not officially affiliated with any other organization. Groups we have worked with in the past include the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, Creative Commons, and Downhill Battle.

Who pays for this?

Our Web hosting is provided by X. The costs for our campaigns are paid for out of our own pockets as individuals or raised by seeking donations. [Say something about accepting donations / grants? ]

Are you a non-profit?

FreeCulture.org is not a for-profit organization, but we have not [yet?] incorporated as a non-profit. Donations made to FC.o are not currently tax-deductible.

How can I start a group at my school?

See Starting a Free Culture group.


  • What do FC groups / FC.o believe? or What do FC.o members believe?
  • What do I need to believe to be a member? or What are the official positions on certain topics, so I can see whether I agree with you?
  • How dogmatic are you?

How can I help?

  • mailing lists & blog
  • join a team
  • join or start a group at your school
  • donations
  • ideas & comments