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We get a lot of e-mail with questions that are generally a result of misconceptions and a lack of awareness of the issues that and Free Culture groups were designed to respond to. We want to take those questions head-on and have something to point people to when they bring up these questions.

About Us

Some of this information needs to go on a separate About page. In fact, I think we should stick to fixing misconceptions in the FAQ, and put most of this on the About page.

What is

  • "students and supporters"
    • mostly college/university students, some high school & non-students
  • volunteers
  • not for profit
  • non-partisan
  • activists
  • community solutions
  • not communists (how do we say this? "pro-free market"? "pro-capitalism"?)
  • not radicals
  • not just nerds: nerds, artists, political types, etc.

What is free culture?

What do you do?

How are you organized?

  • FC.o
    • Core Team
    • other teams
    • Executive Director
  • Local groups

What is the history of FC.o?

What is your partisan bent? is a non-partisan group. We are not officially affiliated with any political party. Our members are Republicans as well as Democrats, Libertarians as well as independents.

What is your relationship with other groups? is not officially affiliated with any other organization. Groups we have worked with in the past include the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, Creative Commons, and Downhill Battle.

Who pays for this?

Our Web hosting is provided by X. The costs for our campaigns are paid for out of our own pockets as individuals or raised by seeking donations. [Say something about accepting donations / grants? ]

Are you a non-profit? is not a for-profit organization, but we have not [yet?] incorporated as a non-profit. Donations made to FC.o are not currently tax-deductible.

How can I start a group at my school?

How can I help?

  • mailing lists & blog
  • join a team
  • join or start a group at your school
  • donations
  • ideas & comments

Misconceptions and Myths


  • Isn't this just communism repackaged?

Abolish copyright

  • You want to eliminate copyright altogether.
  • supports and advocates for reasonable and balanced copyright law. We believe that artists and authors should be fairly recognized and compensated for their work.

We believe copyright is good to the extent that it encourages the creation and diffusion of new works. But to the extent that copyright law constricts the creation and diffusion of new works, we believe it can be improved upon.

No money for artists

  • You want artists to work for free?
  • Why can't I copyright my work? I still want to get paid.
  • Today's copyright term is neccesary to encourage artists to create.


  • My copyright is my property; I should have it forever.

Free software

  • Some of the best and industry-standard software is proprietary. What's so special about free software?
  • How can I trust something that's free?
  • Why would someone give away their work? (How do programmers get paid?)
  • Proprietary program X (e.g. Internet Explorer) is free. Why shouldn't I use that?

Open content

  • Can't someone just put their name on it and sell it as theirs?
  • Why would someone give away their work? (How do creators get paid?)


  • Why do you defend pirates who steal from artists?
  • There's no legitimate purpose for peer-to-peer filesharing.
  • Filesharing causes decreased record sales.
  • Filesharing is used for child pornography / other obscenity.


  • Is it really creativity if you're just remixing what already exists? Can't you do this with fair use already?
  • The public domain is already pretty big. Why does it need to grow?