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F&M Free Culture Constitution

Article I: Introduction

Section I: This Constitution outlines the foundation for F&M Free Culture.

Section II: F&M Free Culture core philosophy:

  • Defend the intellectual and cultural commons.
  • Cultivate citizen participation in culture
  • Oppose regulatory legislation that threatens innovation and cultural advancement.
  • Work to be an integral part of the national movement for free culture.

Article II: Membership

Section I: All members of the College community are welcome to participate.

Section II: Membership is self-selective. "Active Members" are people who regularly come to meetings and participate in club activities. They should have a genuine interest in the bet on sports online Free Culture movement, and make an honest effort to attend as many Free Culture meetings and events as they can.

Article III: Club Structure

Section I. The philosophy of the Free Culture movement is one that supports a bottom-up, participatory approach to culture. In light of this, F&M Free Culture shall be a flat organization; save for one appointed Director and one appointed Treasurer, who shall each act to ensure that the Club follows College guidelines and work to ensure the continuation of the Club.

Section II: All members are eligible to be either Director or Treasurer.

Section III: The Director shall be an active member who is knowledgeable of, and dedicated to, free culture.

Section IV': Should an officer commit an act that egregiously defies the core philosophy of the Free Culture movement, he or she may be removed from office by a 3/4 vote of the other active members. Club members must be made aware of this vote a minimum of three days in advance.

Section V: New officers shall be elected every spring by a simple majority of the active membership.

Article IV: Adviser

Section I: The Advisor should be a member of the College faculty, staff or administration who is interested in the movement and has either a firm understanding of free culture and related issues, or is willing to become sufficiently educated on the matters important to the Club.

Section II: All Advisors past the initial founding advisor shall be selected by a 3/4 vote of the active members of the Club.

Article V: Meetings

Section I: Club meetings should generally be held on a weekly basis.

Section II: The meetings should generally be run by the Director or another knowledgeable, active member.

Section III: Attendance is optional, but strongly encouraged. Section IV. Sections I, II, & III of Article V are guidelines that should be followed only to the extent that they support the well-being and productivity of the Club.

Article VI: Amendments to the Constitution

Section I: Amendments to this Constitution may be written and suggested by any active member of the Club.

Section II: Amendments may be ratified by a ¾ majority of the active membership.

Article VII: Closing

Section I: Because it is impossible to see into the future and anticipate all possible situations, and because this Constitution is sure to prove at some point inadequate, it is of paramount importance that those interpreting this Constitution ultimately follow the spirit of both this Constitution and the greater Free Culture movement.

Section II: Let the letter of this document never hinder the good that this movement has set out to effect.