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you have the right to (choose one)

  • code
  • contribute
  • dance
  • edit
  • fork
  • fair use
  • listen
  • read
  • remix
  • sing
  • watch
  • write

Yourcollege Free Culture is a student group that's part of a new movement to end homogeneity in culture. We support:

  • rational copyright law
  • open source software
  • a participatory culture of creativity

And we're getting things done. This spring/fall/semester/term/year we'll make our roadmap on advancing these goals in coordination with others across the nation.

Come to our first meeting

Look for fliers next semester and join the list by emailing Yourname at email@ddress

Read more about the issues and what we're working on at

These fliers use most of the same text as the template (psd) (xcf) (gif) on the FC.o Web site. My purposes were a little different than those of the template, though, so I wanted to do something a little different, particularly in conciseness and visual style. These fliers are my first experience working in GIMP, so forgive me. I'll post the .xcf when I figure out how.

I'm also working on Spanish versions.