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This is a recipe for helping a group at your university who is publishing lecture videos online to publish future videos under a Creative Commons license.

Sit down with a rep from the center/forum/whatever and make the case for using a creative commons license

Propose that they use CC-BY, but if they say no, offer to help them choose a different CC license (hopefully with as few restrictions as possible)

This part is key: hand them any waivers that they'll need as well as instructions for how to use them

(do both speakers and videographers have to sign it, for example?) I need help with this!

Finally, hand them a chunk of html that they can put on their website to articulate the license right next to where they embed the video

It's probably also a good idea to give them some plaintext that they can throw in the description field on their youtube page.

Further reading/more materials

I found a lot of awesome material on the CC site, especially at http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Documentation. But I wasn't able to find the stock waivers that I'm looking for. Help!