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Sit down with a rep from the center/forum/whatever and make the case

for using a creative commons license I already feel well-equipped to do that. I'll talk about the types of uses which the center probably wants to allow but which are by default prohibited by copyright law in the US. I can get tips from this:, and I can even leave a copy of it with them.

Propose that they use CC-BY, but if they say no, offer to help them choose a different CC license (hopefully with as few restrictions as possible)

I feel pretty well-equipped to do this too. I'll look at with them and help them decide which permissions they're willing to grant. I'll even point them to if they're confused about the reach of "noncommercial." I can leave them a copy of if they want to mull it over or consult someone else.

This part is key: hand them any waivers that they'll need as well as instructions for how to use them

(do both speakers and videographers have to sign it, for example?) I need help with this!

Finally, hand them a chunk of html that they can put on their website to articulate the license right next to where they embed the video

It's probably also a good idea to give them some plaintext that they can throw in the description field on their youtube page. This is easy-- gives it right to you!

I found a lot of awesome material on the CC site, especially at But I wasn't able to find the stock waivers that I'm looking for. Help!