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Internet Relay Chat, or IRC, is an online protocol used to chat in near-realtime. IRC predates instant messaging and is particularly popular among F/OSS developers. uses IRC for meetings and community chats, because

  1. it is an open protocol, and
  2. it is widely supported, including popular F/OSS implementations maintains an IRC channel at #freeculture on server Click here if you have an IRC client installed.

How to use

IRC is widely supported by many programs. Below are a few:

If your ISP attempts to block IRC, there are ways around an IRC block.

Web portal

If you don't want to download anything (or are on a computer where you can't install programs), don't worry! You don't need to!

In addition to the above programs that support IRC, you can visit [1] to find a web-based portal to #freeculture. Just choose a nickname to use (with no spaces) and go!

This may be particularly useful if you have trouble connecting via other mechanisms.

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