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  • Technology is one of most important means that propitiates economic and social changes in societies. Because technology is essentially: applied knowledge to solve and to face limitations and problems and to power human capacities.
  • Since some time ago, our country has dedicated itself to consume and not produce technologies. Our innovators and inventors, the most valuable resource that our country can have, have been discouraged by the lack of promotion and support, and the precarious economic conditions that they face.


  • Organizing innovation contests, networking events and technical courses with the purpose of discovering, identifying and fomenting the innovating capacities of innovators and inventors to fight poverty and contribute to local economic development. These events will be organized together with the local organizations and other local actors. The innovation contests must be based on the diagnosis and local development plans to respond to a present technological problematic of urgent local answer.
  • Provide support systems for junior and senior inventors whose innovations provide new solutions for achieving sustainable development.
  • Support for the development of new business models and help scale up invention-based enterprises with the objetive of disseminating innovations to local communities.

Senior Class 2007

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Junior Class 2007

Brainstorming Meetings 2007

  • January 19, Campus PUCP
  • February 9, Campus PUCP
  • February 23, Campus PUCP

Inventing Engineering Seminar

The seminar will develop students' skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and improving ideas. It will develop technical skills, such as computer modeling. And it will develop students' leadership, team, and presentation skills. Where Campus PUCP.



National Invention Contest 2006