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Our first attempt at a logo This is our first attempt at a logo... we want something simple that can realistically be made into graffiti :-)

Free Mickey!  Mickey breaks out of his chains This may be too complicated for a logo, Luke says that the GNU head is a horrid logo. Then again, Wikipedia's logo works well IMHO.

Here's some ideas I doodled. --mjg 11:29, 1 Jun 2004 (PDT)

This one is supposed to incorporate an antenna (indicating technology) as the F, and a copyright symbol as the C
logo idea 1

This is sort of a riff on EFF's logo.
logo idea 2

here's something i gimped up real quick-like:
logo idea

Here's my suggestion...
Penwing logo

My idea
Darin3200 logo

Antti's first attempt
Antti's first

and my second try:
Antti's second