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Mailing lists that FreeCulture.org uses.



  • announce - One-way announcement list (public)
  • cnukpartypeople
  • discuss - General discussion list (public)
  • nyc - Discussion list for the New York City area (public)
  • phase2 - Discussion list, follow-up to Free Culture Phase 2 conference (private)
  • philly - Discussion list for the Philadelphia area (public)
  • press - Press releases (public)


Lists used for work by FreeCulture.org teams. All team lists are private lists.



  • Privacy options
    • All lists should be publically advertised. (advertised)
    • All lists allow the list of subscribers to be viewed by list members only. (private_roster)
    • Public lists should require confirmation to join. (subscribe_policy)
    • Private lists (e.g. team lists) should require confirmation and approval to join. (subscribe_policy)
  • Archiving options
    • All lists should archive messages. (archive)
    • Public lists should have a public archive. (archive_private)
    • Private lists (e.g. team lists) should have a private archive. (archive_private)
    • Archive volume frequency should be either monthly or weekly, depending on list traffic. (archive_volume_frequency)

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