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The agenda and the minutes for each meeting go on the same page. So, if you want to lay out an agenda for our next conference call, create a page for that date, and write the agenda there. Afterwards, add the minutes to that page.




  • 2005-02-02 - Conference call on the video project, putting CC-licensed content on p2p networks, orphan works commenting page, how frequent our calls will be, DRM and Open access projects.
  • 2005-02-06 - Orphan works, open access, status updates
  • 2005-02-13 - adopting CC attribution license, EU software patents, official listing of chapters
  • 2005-02-20 - Geneva declaration, begun work on Blogshine, launch of FC Tour, blogging
  • 2005-02-27 - Ideology, updates, P2P@Colby


  • 2005-03-02 - How to start a chapter, what vocabulary to use, how to frame the issues
  • 2005-03-06 - Working on Blogshine, UAEM conference in SF, Copyfight documentary
  • 2005-03-13 - Blogshine, open access, signing on to proposals, legislation
  • 2005-03-16 - Grokster candlelight vigils, launch of
  • 2005-03-20 - Grokster vigil (NOT!), Orphan Works, FAQ
  • 2005-03-27 - Struggling chapters, meetings are never canceled.
  • 2005-03-30 - Local updates, Eben Moglen, how do we increase attendance on these calls?