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== SFC accounts ==
== SFC accounts ==

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SFC accounts

How do I log in?

The passwords are in the minds and caches of a random collection of people that includes *at least* all board members since 2009. This is not ideal but it is the stat quo as of this writing.

How do posts happen?

  • People with the passwords can post but only a few do on a regular basis
  • Posts to identi.ca automagically go to Twitter
  • Posts to twitter do not go automagically go to identi.ca
  • Pretty much anyone who @s freeculture will be re-tweeted
  • board@ gets pinged by identi.ca about followers and mentions

What is appropriate to post?

Driscoll's idiosyncratic criteria for posting with @freeculture has been:

  • News about the org
  • News about a chapter
  • News about a member
  • Something cool that a chapter/member is doing or has written (new projects, blog posts)
  • Take-action items of interest to chapters/members
  • News from affiliated groups of interest to chapters/members (e.g.

Public Knowledge reacts to something happening in Congress)