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Support Alternative Forms of Music Distribution

Final Flyer

Alternative titles proposed for flyer:

  • "Break the music System"
  • "??"


Music Blogs

  • Brief description of music blogs / their effect
  • Some links to select music blogs and their favorite music
    • Stereogum
    • Gorilla vs. Bear
    • Music For Robots
    • Said The Gramophone
    • The Tofu Hut
    • Lemon-Red
    • Razorblade Runner
    • etc


  • Brief explanation of new trends (for those totally out of touch)
  • Good places to find stuff
  • Networks
    • Gnutella / Morpheus + CC
    • Bittorrent
    • SoulSeek
  • Websites (Mp3 Aggrigators etc)
    • Hype Machine
    •  ??


  • Brief explanation (CC + Your work == Free Hosting)
  • Deadheads
  • Other live bands / PD music / etc


  • Brief explanation
  • Remixes
  • Contests
  • Community

Playlists + Social Networking

  • Playlists are important (Words from Derek?)
  • Find out what your friends are listening to NOW, and what their friends listen to
  • Organic taste stuff
  • Webjay : A playlist community, where all of the playlists are actually links to the songs themselves, for download