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  • Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
  • 1pm-5pm
  • 721 Broadway (between Washington Pl and Waverly Pl)
  • Google map
  • Room 442
  • OLPC Jams Info


  • You MUST RSVP by Saturday morning if you do not have an NYU ID
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  1. Fred Benenson
  2. Jane Nisselson
  3. Bill Koulopoulos
  4. Jeffrey Warren
  5. Evan Korth (hopefully)
  6. jamiew: will also spread word to the Eyebeam OLPC group, http://wikis.eyebeam.org/eyebeam/index.php/OLPC_dev
  7. Max Salzberg (NYU but figured it couldn't hurt)
  8. Matt Knox
  9. Jay Sulzberger
  10. Rob Johnston
  11. Lester Vecsey
  12. JIm McBride
  13. David Solomonoff
  14. Alicia Gibb (Pratt)
  15. Andy Jordan
  16. Denis Papathanasiou
  17. Stuart Sierra (alum, no NYU ID)
  18. Diane Ludin (S.V.A.)
  19. Mel Chua (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Mchua)
  20. Lauren Klein (OLPC/Macaulay Honors College, CUNY)
  21. Kevin Mark (hopefully)(non-NYU)
  22. Karen E. Lund (weather permitting)
  23. Parker Higgins (NYU)
  24. Corey Menscher (NYU ITP)
  25. Jonah Bossewitch (weather permitting)
  26. Tim Stutts (NYU ITP)
  27. Cheryl Guttman (non-NYU)
  28. David Moon (non-NYU)
  29. Chris Nelson (non-NYU)

Not attending:

  1. John Randall (Thanks anyway guys. Have a blast.)