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The research the university produces is open access.

The university has an open access policy, requiring faculty to license their work to the university (1 pt)

This open access policy is faculty-wide (1 pt)

The university has a free and open repository (1 pt)

The course materials are open education resources

The university has a program dedicated to putting videos of courses online that are free and open (1 pt)

Course syllabuses, worksheets, quizzes, etc. are free and open (1 pt)

The university embraces free software and open standards.

University computer systems utilize free and open source software (1 pt)

Academic departments allow for students to turn in course assignments using open file formats (1 pt)

If the university holds patents, it readily licenses them for free software, essential medicines, and the public good.

The university openly licenses its patents for research and educational purposes, for essential medicines, and for free software (1 pt)

The university network reflects the open nature of the internet.

The university network is open and unfiltered (1 pt)

Wireless connectivity is available (to the public?) university-wise (1 pt)

Other categories

There is a Students for Free Culture chapter on campus (1 pt)