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Put a statement of purpose here. Is the Report Card meant to shame universities into changing? Guide open-conscious potential students to open schools? Simply study the state of openness? The purpose will affect the grading criteria.

Grading Scheme

Open Access

The University has signed the "Budapest Open Access Initiative," or a similar Open Access agreement, or has a similar stated policy regarding Open Access. (1 pt)

The university has a free and open repository of scholarly publishings. (1 pt)

The university has a free and open repository of research data. (1pt)

The university has committed funds for faculty publication fees in open access journals.

Open Education Resources

The university has endorsed the Cape Town Open Education Declaration.

The university has a system which allows professors to post course their course materials (lecture notes, project assignments, tests) freely and openly to the public. (1 pt)

The university maintains a platform which allows students to post their own educational materials (notes, lessons) freely and openly to each other and the public. (1 pt)

The university has a program dedicated to making available online audio and video recordings of course that are free and open. (1 pt)

The university has courses which re-use other Open Educational Resources from other institution's OER programs. (1pt)

Free and Open Source Software and Standards

The university's computer systems use free and open source software. (1 pt)

The university's academic departments allow students to submit course assignments in open file formats. (1 pt)

The university does not require students to use any proprietary software (such as MATLAB and SPSS) for which free and open source alternatives are available (such as Octave and R). (1 pt)

The university provides technical support for faculty and student use of free and open source software. (1 pt)

Intellectual Property

The university openly licenses patents in its name for research and educational purposes, for essential medicines, and for free and open source software. (1 pt)

The university is transparent about the profits they make from licensing their patents. (1 pt)

Students of the university, unless compensated otherwise, retain all rights to their works. (1 pt)

University Network

Access to the internet from the university network is neutral, unrestricted and unmonitored. (1 pt)

The university has a stated policy which respects the privacy and other digital rights of students. (1 pt)

The university provides internet access to student housing at rates competitive with other internet service providers. (1 pt)

The university provides students with bandwidth, webspace and the ability to provide public network services. (1 pt)

The university provides some form of internet access to the public, through wireless networks or through public terminals. (1 pt)

List of Schools

USNWR Top 10

Notable Others

Sources of Data

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