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Put a statement of purpose here. Is the Report Card meant to shame universities into changing? Guide open-conscious potential students to open schools? Simply study the state of openness? The purpose will affect the grading criteria.

List of Schools

USNWR Top 10

Notable Others

Grading Scheme

Open Access

The university maintains an Open Access policy. (1 pt)

The research of all university faculty is licensed Open Access by default. (1 pt)

The University has signed the "Cape Town Open Education Declaration", the "Budapest Open Access Initiative," or a similar Open Access agreement. (1 pt)

The university has a free and open repository of scholarly research. (1 pt)

Open Education Resources

The university has a program dedicated to making available online audio and video recordings of course that are free and open. (1 pt)

Course syllabi, lecture slides, worksheets, quizzes, etc. are free and open. (1 pt)

Free and Open Source Software and Standards

The university's computer systems utilize free and open source software. (1 pt)

The university's academic departments allow students to submit course assignments in open file formats. (1 pt)

The university permits faculty and student use of FOSS.

The university provides technical support for faculty and student use of FOSS.


The university openly licenses patents in its name for research and educational purposes, for essential medicines, and for free and open source software. (1 pt)

Intellectual Property

Students of the university, unless arranged otherwise, retain all rights to their works.

University Network

Traffic on the university network is unfiltered for content. (1 pt)

University-wide wireless connectivity is available for free to the public. (1 pt)

Student Involvement

The university has a Students for Free Culture chapter. (1 pt)

(Other Categories)



  • Administration
  • Intellectual Property
    • Student ownership of works
  • Free Software
    • proprietary software use required?
    • Encouraged?
  • Open Access
    • Publication of school journals
  • Open Standards
  • Internet Access
    • Filtering / net neutrality
    • RIAA subpoena compliance
  • Tech Infrastructure
    • Email, web sites, portals, Bb
  • Energy efficiency (?)
  • Investment Priorities
  • Endowment Transparency

Sources of Data